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In this demo project I show you how to generate Sandboxed Solutions automatically at runtime.


Let’s have a look:


1. First we look into the solution gallery of “http://sharepoint.local”. It’s empty.


2. I’ve created my demo solution and deployed it. This solution contains a list template and list instance. The list instance is shown in the Quick Launch as “Dynamic Menu”.


3. Now I create a new entry in this list:



4. Now we look into the solution gallery:


There is a new Sandboxed Solution in it!!

5. In the Shared Documents libary I have a single file “My PDF”. Now I open the files context menu:



6. After creating a new item in the “Dynamic Menu” I get a new entry in the Edit Control Menu:



This opens a new Outlook Window with the item URL as body.


7. For every generated solution there is an entry in the Site Collection Features list:




How does it work?

1. First I’ve created a list template and list instance.

2. Then I’ve created a Event Receiver.


There are two methods:

  • Utilities.RemoveSolution
  • Utilities.AddSolution

3. Method “Utilities.AddSolution”

This static method creates the Sandboxed Solution.

Therefore internal non-public methods of SharePoint are invoked. This is the most interesting aspect of the demo project!

ConstructorInfo ctor = typeof(Microsoft.SharePoint.SPSolutionExporter).Assembly.GetType("Microsoft.SharePoint.Utilities.Cab.CabinetInfo").GetConstructors(BindingFlags.Instance | BindingFlags.NonPublic)[0];
object cabInf = ctor.Invoke(new object[] { solutionFileName });

MethodInfo[] mi = cabInf.GetType().GetMethods(BindingFlags.NonPublic | BindingFlags.Instance | BindingFlags.DeclaredOnly);
MethodInfo mi2 = null;
foreach( var m in mi )
    if( m.Name == "CompressDirectory" && m.GetParameters().Length == 4 )
       mi2 = m;

mi2.Invoke(cabInf, new object[] { solutionDir.FullName, true, -1, null });


In the source code before this snippet I create the structure of a WSP file in a temporary folder in the file system. The shown code creates the WSP file that I upload into the solution gallery.

4. Utilities.RemoveSolution

This static method removes the solution from the solution gallery.


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